The upkeep of a garden in a rental property is always a bit of a grey area. Providing garden maintenance Northern Beaches we’re often asked whose responsibility is it? In the Northern Beaches and North Shore area of Sydney, it technically is the responsibility of the tenant. Though to be honest, unless you snag yourself some keen gardeners as tenants, chances are they aren’t going to have the time nor the interest to put energy into the upkeep of a garden. Plus the level of maintenance required by the landlord is questionable. Occasionally mowing the lawns is one thing, but weeding, pruning, and hedging are another.

Keep your investment property looking its best to maximise returns.

It has been said with a bit of tongue and cheek, you can always tell a rental property in the street because the gardens just aren’t “loved” as much. And let’s face, when it’s not your property, you just don’t care as much. This is where we come in. We can ensure that as a landlord your rental property is cared for so that when it comes time to sell, re-tenant or move back into the property yourself, you’re not walking into total chaos.

Garden maintenance investment property with CC&M Landscapes

We can take care of all aspects of garden maintenance Northern Beaches.

Having completed regular maintenance work for rental properties, we can confidently say that most tenants happily welcome the outsourcing of garden maintenance Northern Beaches. Tenants reap the benefits of a well maintained garden without the hassle and effort. And as the landlord, you get peace of mind that your property is being looked after properly. Just make sure that this service is written in the tenancy agreement, to make the offer more attractive to future tenants. It’s in the interest of both parties to outsource garden maintenance Northern beaches.

CC&M have the expertise to keep your rental property looking shipshape. Garden maintenance Northern Beaches is our passion. Put your property in our very capable hands and watch the benefits grow.